How do I measure the ring size? Here are some simple and accurate measurements

1. Paper measure method

Need to prepare three things: paper, pen, scale. First cut a long paper which width less than 1cm, and then put the paper around the finger two circles, remember to hand knuckles at the largest circle, tightness to comfort, with a pen in the overlapping position mark, finally the paper tile, with a scale to measure the distance between two points, that is, the finger circumference.

Ring Size 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Circum 45.0mm 46.0mm 47.5mm 48.0mm 50.5mm 52.0mm 53.0mm 53.5mm 55.5mm 56.5mm


Ring Size 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
Circum 57.0mm 57.5mm 58.0mm 59.0mm 61.0mm 62.0mm 63.5mm 64.0mm 66.0mm 66.5mm
2. Professional tool measuring method

Professional tool measuring method with a specially used to measure the ring size, the tool with small scale of different ring, will need to measure right finger which wear the ring, then put the ring on the ring rods, and what size matches it. This ring size measurement is common in jewelry stores.

3. Ring diameter measurement

Ring diameter measurement, if you have worn rings, inner diameter can be printed on the paper, with a scale to measure can be controlled size table after, attention to vertical, does not have edges and corners as far as possible choose pen, otherwise prone to error. A more convenient option is to buy a ring size bar and simply use the old ring holder to mark the scale on it.

Note: When measuring the ring size, do not overheat or under cold, because the finger will expand and contract due to the temperature, which will lead to inaccurate measurement. If it is winter, it is recommended to be a little looser on the basis of comfort. If it is summer, it is mainly comfortable, or a little tighter.